Hello, my name is Dai Williams.

I'm a photographer based on the Pembrokeshire Coast who loves shooting waves, wildlife and beaches of West Wales. After many years of enjoying photographing the local scenery here are some photographs from the last year with my first serious camera (Sony Alpha a6500). I hope my passion for Pembrokeshire and photography come through in my photos.

All shots on this page taken by Robin Kother on a short trip we did to Ireland last year.

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About Me

Recently I purchased a my first "proper" camera a Sony Alpha a6500 and a Liquid Eye waterhousing that has enabled me to capture shots I could have only dreamed of using any of the previous camera set ups I've had in the past.

Over the last 25 years I have spend a lot of time in the waves and around the coast. I started taking shots of the waves from the water around ten years ago using one of the early Olympus Tough Series point and shoot water proof cameras often taking it out while I was surfing, and although through the years I've drowned a good number of them they were a great (and cheap!) way of getting into water photography.

Hopefully you enjoy the results as much as I have taking, and editing them!


I was brought up on a small family run dairy farm in the West Wales hills. Farming instilled me with a strong work ethic, with every day on the farm starting at 6am, work before and after school not ignoring doing all the same on weekends, birthdays and Christmas! Though I didn't realise it at the time that up bringing prepared me really well for spending time in the cold sea. But most notiably it gave me a love for being outdoors and a love for nature.

My sister and I were raised without a TV which in the 80s was a rarity, that in addition to our isolated up bringing meant we had to rely on our imaginations, for me that was, books and magazines for Emily everything plus music, and what a singer song writer she turn out to be!. I've always been easily consummed by images and could loose myself in magazine with beautiful images for hours at a time, I think this eventually went full circle and led me to photography.

I am a passionate photographer

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